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Ballon Blanc de Cartier Silver Dial Leather Strap WJBB0034

This time, Cartier has chosen to create a caricature of this women’s jewellery watch.

  Since the focus this time is on women’s watches, why not Ballon Blanc de Cartier Silver Dial Leather Strap WJBB0034 invite women painters to show off their skills? It’s just in time that the comic book industry is also taking on a feminine buzz. Cartier has carefully selected four women cartoonists with different styles and a passion for their work, whose beauty is matched by the glamour of this new model. A young Japanese cartoonist, Takahama Katsumi, depicts a woman on the adventure of life; Parisian cartoonist Nadja speaks of eternal beauty; Englishman Posy Simmonds captures the light in women’s hands with a keen eye; and Rebecca Dautremer speaks of unchanging emotions through the ages with her fairy-tale brushwork. In addition to the four female painters, male illustrator Floc’h was also invited to join in the creation of the elegantly styled rendition of “Slave of the Heart”. The Ballon de Cartier collection is a collection of four dreamlike tales of Tokyo in summer, Paris in autumn, London in winter and mysterious visions.

  The Ballon Blanc de Cartier collection is a treasure of horological art, a collection of watches that embodies Cartier’s exceptional watchmaking skills, and which transmits to the world the pulsations of fantasy with the precision of a magical heart.
Ballon Blanc de Cartier

  Case and bracelet: 18-carat rhodium-plated white gold case and bracelet, Replica Cartier watches set with diamonds, total weight 9.35 ct.

  Diameter: 30 mm

  Crown: set with one diamond, 0.20 ct

  Glass: sapphire crystal

  Dial: guilloché mother-of-pearl dial

  Pointer: Blued steel hands in the shape of a sword

  Waterproof: 30m/3bar/100ft

  Movement: Cartier 056 quartz movement

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The CPCP is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Cartier’s recent modern watches

Cartier SA is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. And it was the three grandsons of the brand’s founders, Louis, Pierre and Jacques, who made the Cartier brand famous. Louis is the eldest of three brothers, having started the Cartier brand in Paris as early as 1898. As the company’s business continued to expand, the Cartier brand opened a branch in London, England in 1902. The elder of the three brothers, Jacques, on the other hand, became cheap mont blanc uk manager of the London branch in 1906. And the second brother, Pierre, traveled to the United States and opened a branch in New York in 1909. Cartier was then divided into three companies, Paris, London and New York, all managed by members of the Cartier family.

The Cartier brand started with jewellery and the watch industry dates back to 1853. Strictly speaking, however, Cartier existed as a “dealer”, selling a small number of watches. It was not until 1898 that Louis, who ran Cartier in Paris, began to expand the brand’s presence in the watch industry. Be aware that watchmaking is not a simple matter. In 1907, Jaeger-LeCoultre, LeCoultre and Cartier began to work together in depth, with a very simple model: Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier signed a long-term contract, with Cartier buying out Jaeger’s patented designs, LeCoultre producing the movements and Cartier selling them.

The most classic example of this is the replica Cartier watches “folding clasp”, for which Jaeger registered a patent in France on December 2, 1909, under the name of Cartier. This is a 1920s Cartier women’s watch with a folding clasp. After almost a century, the structure is still the same as today’s brands in terms of production.
The combination of Cartier, who knows marketing and design, and Jaeger, who knows invention and machinery, and LeCoultre, who knows production, is an “iron triangle” in the watch industry. Naturally, Cartier has made enough of a mark in its history to make a mark on the watch world.
A special feature of Cartier crowns is a blue “gemstone”, but not all Cartier watches are equipped with a real “gemstone”. The steel and gold models are actually synthetic blue spinels, and sapphires are only available on the full precious metal models.

In addition to the watch itself, the perimeter of the CPCP is extremely luxurious. We bought the regular Cartier, equipped with red cardboard boxes. The CPCP is not only a wooden box, but also several times larger, individually marked in gold letters with the words “Collection Privee Cartier Paris“.
The CPCP is a very unique watch collection in Cartier’s history, but it is also very short-lived. the CPCP uses non-home-grown movements, which are difficult to produce and do not fit the “high end” image. That’s why Cartier started its own development in 2005 and discontinued the CPCP in 2008, after launching its first in-house movement, the Cal.9452. It was introduced in 1998 and disappeared from the product line in 2008, with a lifespan of just 10 years.

The CPCP is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Cartier’s recent modern watches, with a legendary design in appearance; a movement that is all purchased from outside, of high quality; a workmanship and configuration that is far superior to that of the ordinary models on sale; and, more importantly, a short production period of only 10 years, with many models being available in a few hundred or even a dozen pieces. However, the exterior is a classic design and the short maturity period has also kept the CPCP from being known to the public. Cousins who are still in the first phase of their acquaintance with Cartier have never heard of this short-lived collection, which was discontinued for 10 years; those in the second phase of their acquaintance are still obsessing over the workmanship of certain Cartier products and forgetting about the CPCP.

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Cartier Ballon bleu Silver Dial Bicoloured Strap W2BB0003

Constructed out of such reliable and costly materials as stainless steel and genuine alligator leather, this Ballon Bleu watch represents a classic blend of basic black and white (or either silver) colors. Its large 42mm round case features a big 12-hour light dial with black Roman numerals and darkish hands. This chic watch displays a date indicator at the 3-o’clock position, has a blue sapphire in a crown and a beautiful black leather strap. Using a Swiss automatic movement, this peculiar model guarantees accurate operation whenever you need to learn the time and day.

The first model of the Ballon Bleu collection is manufactured of dependable materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal. Inside its 42mm round case sits a Replica Cartier watches 12-hour silver dial with large Roman numerals, blueish hands, and a 3-o’clock date indicator. There is a secured crown with a tiny cabochon blue sapphire. This luxury watch with casual style runs on a Swiss-made automatic self-winding movement. It offers impressive rate of watertightness – 100 meters – and nice scratch-proofness. This timepiece is executed solely in light, silver shades.

This magnificent wristwatch is markedly different from other pieces of Ballon Bleu collection. Although it is powered by Swiss-made automatic movement with Cartier Caliber 049, its appearance is rather distinctive. The case and the bracelet band are made of stainless steel and 18-karat rose gold, with visible chocolate display and golden luminous hands. There is, of course, an indicative blue sapphire crown and large Roman numerals, typical for the timepiece from this collection. This luxury Cartier Ballon bleu Silver Dial Bicoloured Strap W2BB0003 features COSC certified chronometer, 3-o’clock date window, shock- and scratch-resistance, alongside with waterproofness of 100 meters.
One more Cartier wristwatch from Ballon Bleu collection is manufactured of pricy components like 18-karat rose gold and real brown leather. Due to the sapphire crystal, this high-end watch offers impressive scratch-proofness. Running on a Swiss automatic movement with brand Caliber 076, it illustrates a steady time device. Inside its 36mm case there is a silver translucent 12-hour dial with distinguishing Roman numerals, blue radiant hands, and 3-o’clock date index. It suggests handy features like shock-resistance, 50-meter watertightness, and scratch-proofness. This elegant timepiece has COSC certified chronometer and conveniently used deployment buckle.

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replica Cartier Drive Silver Dial Alligator Strap WSNM0008

Cartier first released the “Drive de Cartier” collection several years ago in 2015 as the new “family” of luxury watches within Paris’ largest luxury collection. The vast majority of our Drive Drive cluster collections are available in a variety of models, including the dual-clutch Add-on model and the Tourbillon Drive. As a watch, my love tends to involve more complex or trendy watches, but I Cartier Drive Silver Dial Alligator Strap WSNM0008 think there is a lot of room for erosion in our hearts for sweet and cute watches, which is an accurate description in a well-executed complete set.

Originally released only in pink 18 pink or white gold, Cartier now offers an extra base – high metal (CRWSNM0011) as well as red gold (CRWGNM0011) for 2018. Here are some great news for those who prefer a Cartier watch appeal. , this is not the case for standard deviation, and with that it also has no premium value. To put things into perspective, the metallic version of the Extra-Flat drive is about one-third the price of the gold-plated version. It also happens to be almost identical to the 18-spoke white gold Extra-Flat Drive that was released as a limited edition.
An exception to the precious metal case, another minor detail that is “missing” in the metal version of Extra-Flat Drive is a piece of blue cabochon in the crown. Cartier uses a sapphire sapphire for blue cabochon on Drive drives in gold and the metal parts get blue cabochon. Replica Cartier UK Again, for pricing purposes, I don’t think most buyers will mind and extra drivers in steel feel like a contract, though of course it comes with brand recognition prices that ensure your products are decisive. “Enjoying” is the price of their wisdom.

How much is an “extra-apartment” apartment? With a machine gun, the Drive Extra-Flat watch is only 6.6mm thick, 39mm wide and has a foot-to-foot ratio of 44mm. This makes sense, however the wrist is more experienced and at the same time more comfortable for the clutch. To put the size in perspective, the “standard” drive de Cartier watch with time, digital clock output, dates and capabilities also has home automatic navigation of 11.25 mm thickness and 41 mm width. Both are really fun and catchy, but in my opinion the Drive now works best in the slim, slim and two-stroke “Extra-Flat” variant.

The personalized cushion puts Drive in many of the best non-spinning models made by Cartier. The brand has always been among the few guards who have been able to successfully slip off the roundabout into which many watches fall. A square, a rectangle, and even a “mel” (Cartier pad) are all models that Cartier not only tried to offer for a wide range of clock models, but also very well defined.